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OK, now that I have had a chance to calmly review the documents, I just wanted to thank you for all of your help. I am certain that if I would have tried to do this myself, I would not have had the same level of success. I am so grateful that I had you to navigate me through this process so that I could avoid the pitfalls that I know Guardian had in store for me. I truly appreciate all that you have done for me. I have never met you in person. But I will think of you every month, probably for the rest of my life, when I receive my benefits.
I can never thank you enough for your assistance, professionalism and the reassurance provided for me through this ordeal.”

We regularly receive notes from clients who appreciate the work we do on their behalf. We think their own words speak for themselves.

“I looked online nationwide and was fortunate to discover several local firms specializing in this type of legal representation. I decided to consult with two law firms and choose afterwards. They were experienced and professional and their location was most convenient. I must confess that (because I had already paid them $500 for the consultation and because of their convenient location), I almost cancelled my consultation appointment with you. Thank god I did consult with you, and boy did I make the right decision.

I knew about speaking with you for 5 minutes that I was in the right place….Your unique approach….. avoided the intentional pitfalls which were incorporated in the application provided by the insurance carrier…. Eight weeks later I received an approval for total disability….Your fees were extremely reasonable. You were always available if I did have a question. You updated me regularly on the status of my application. You were aware of when and who to nudge at DMS to keep the process moving and most important of all you were successful in obtaining for me my maximum benefits in a minimal amount of time. I can never thank you enough for your assistance, professionalism and the reassurance provided for me through this ordeal.”

Thank you to our client, and many others like him, for sharing his kind words.

Far More Than “Just a Client”

Our disability law firm works with people and their families, often during the darkest times in their lives. They are struggling to come to terms with their illness or disability. They are adjusting to a completely changed identity, and a life that’s been turned upside down. We take our representation of our clients very seriously, and it is always heartwarming to receive notes like this one that we received recently.

Hands Down the Very Best Law Firm

“My experience with Justin Frankel was excellent! He is professional, knowledgeable, confident & kind! Justin went out of his way to communicate, be calming and caring. Hands down the very best law firm out there! Justin and his team look out for your best interest and support you throughout the entire process. I highly recommend this firm! Thank you for everything!” V.

Our clients aren’t paper files to us. They’re real people, facing overwhelming challenges, and we are proud to help them.

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A review posted on Avvo: “I could not recommend anyone higher than Justin”

“I was referred to Justin by my insurance broker after I had an incident which resulted in my disability. He was a consummate professional and carefully reviewed with the disability claim process. He progressively defended my rights and stood up to the insurance company when it was necessary to do so. He is also always available and responds to emails and calls very promptly, which has made working with him very easy and stress free. Most importantly, he was successful in obtaining benefits for me. If you are on disability, especially if you are a professional/own occupation/higher claim value, you owe it to yourself to get representation and I could not recommend anyone higher than Justin.”

A review posted on Avvo: “Worked vigorously to win my case”

“The worst part of being sick & disable is not the diseases itself but the constant worry of private insurance company’s attempt to disqualify you! I knew I will need the assistance of a good long-term disability lawyer, but didn’t know where to look for so I searched the internet and came across the Law Office of Justin Frankel. After my initial consultation with Mr. Frankel I knew I have the right guy on my corner. Since then Justin Frankel and his Firm worked vigorously to win my case. They always kept me informed and contacted all my Physicians as we needed their testimonial about my conditions.

I will strongly recommend Mr. Frankel and his firm to anyone who needs an advocate for their Long Term Disability situation and proper representation.”

A dentist reviews Justin Frankel: “compassionate and truly cared”

“I am a dentist and became disabled. Having a wife and son to support, it was extremely scary imagining not being able to provide for my family. From the moment I first talked to Justin, he eased all my fears and told me that he is confident he will be able to get my long term disability policy company to approve my claim. I’ve heard from other dentist friends / colleagues that their disability claims have gotten rejected, and I couldn’t take that risk. Justin came highly recommended from one of my attorney friends, and I just cannot say enough good things about him. He is compassionate and truly cared about me getting my disability benefits, as he knew how the future of my family relied on it. He always makes himself readily available when I needed to talk to him about any concerns regarding my claim. He got my claim approved, and now I can start putting my life back together again! Thank you Justin for all of your hard work, dedication, and compassion! If any professionals become disabled, and need to utilize their long term disability benefits, I would only recommend going to Justin Frankel Esq !!!”

A review that was posted on Avvo by a Chiropractor in New York

“Basically, As I found out, the insurance companies do everything to find a contract stipulation or unreasonable arbitrary excuse or reason NOT accept a claim for disability. While I can barely even function physically in any capacity, in addition to not being able to work, my insurance company was so happy to use my weak physical condition and worn down emotional state to take advantage of me and further wear me down with perpetual delays and unreasonable never ending requests for documentation. After a full calendar year of complete emotional and physical exhaustion trying to deal with my carrier basically ignoring and delaying, all while getting every excuse and requests from them, I was at a point where I was ready to give up since I saw no hope.

Well, Mr Frankel took over and with incredible energy-vigor, his strong motivation and his great experience was able to get my claim accepted and paid after a short period of time. I was in utter shock when he phoned me to tell me the claim was approved. I actually did not believe it until the payments came, thats how skeptical and worn down and exhausted I was from dealing with the insurance company. I cannot thank and recommend Mr Frankel enough. I am so grateful. He truly knows the “ropes” since he ONLY practices disability law. The law firm is honest, sympathetic and all their fees were very reasonable. They were a godsend.”


“Please share this email with Justin and anyone else at the Law Office of Justin Frankel that helped work on my appeal. I just wanted to thank you guys again for all that you have done to help me and my family through a very difficult time. When Guardian decided to terminate my disability benefits, it caused great financial pain that resulted in us having to lose our home. A home that me and my wife worked very hard to buy and keep, a home where our son was born and raised in the only place he had ever called home. It was devastating to us and we have spent the last 8-9 months struggling just to pay our bills and put food on the table.

I don’t think we would have gotten through it as easily as we have without your help in appealing the decision that Guardian had made. It gave us hope that we had a chance. When you and Justin called me yesterday with the great news that we had won the appeal, it felt like a giant weight was lifted off of our shoulders. We can now start to put our lives back together thanks to the amazing work you guys did putting together a great appeal on our behalf. Thank you so, so much!”

And a special note that was directed to one of our amazing paralegals

“Christina, this next part is directed especially for you, but I would like for Justin to see it too, even though I am sure that he already knows how lucky he is to have you as part of his team at the Law Office of Justin Frankel. I know I called and bothered you way too often looking for an answer that I knew you couldn’t possibly give me even before I made all the calls. I want to thank you for being so patient and for being so professional while always taking the time to walk me through the process.

Thank you for your kindness both in your words and voice.

I just want you to know that every time I called and was a pain in the ass, you always made me feel better after having talked to you. I wish you nothing but the success and happiness you deserve in both your professional and personal life. You are special!”

Banking Executive, Florida

“When you are physically and emotionally unable to deal with your disability insurer, call Justin and his Team.After paying my premiums for 15 years, with hopes of never having to need it, my disability insurance company made it difficult to collect on it.After much research, I contacted Justin for help. It was the best decision for me. Justin took over all aspects of my appeals and ultimately my settlement.

I would not recommend going it alone. You need an attorney that knows how to navigate the system and has a proven record of successfully obtaining positive results for his clients. I found that attorney with Justin and his team.”


“When searching for an insurance appeal attorney, I saw Justin Frankel’s photo. He looked “no-nonsense,” smart, and to-the-point. And he was. He made minimal demands on me, made document submission easy even while I was changing residences, and his voice was reassuring. There were periods I thought he’d forgotten me, but he was just busy. He submitted the Appeal on time and what an Appeal! 113 pages long, brilliantly written. A published PhD, editor, and writer myself, I was duly impressed.

Justin Frankel and his paralegal make an amazing personable team. Efficient, eloquent, and effective. We won!”


“Wow! I can not thank you enough. You are an amazing attorney in so many ways. You always knew what to expect next and I felt so prepared each step of the way. I never imagined this process would be this mentally painless and that’s because of you.I also want to thank you for always being available by e-mail as well as by phone. You are the only attorney I have ever met who gets on the phone with the client when the client calls.

My family thanks you as well. I have a 7 and a 10 year old and it’s pretty scary to be disabled when there are people depending on you to care for their financial needs. Obviously there will be another hurdle in 2 years but for now we all feel relief. I do have some questions regarding my requirement to apply for Social Security disability and the impact of that on the 2 disability policies I have. I will forward my inquiries to you in another e-mail. For now, I just want to say thank you and have a great weekend.”

You Don't Have to Fight Your Disability Battle Alone
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“On the day I was placed on short term disability by my employer of 22 years, I made what now was the smartest decision I could have made. I hired the Law Office of Justin Frankel to represent me in the detailed process of applying for long term disability benefits under my group plan.What I have always appreciated the most about working with Justin Frankel is the access directly to him. If I called for an update or had a question, he responded directly and never more than a day later. His knowledge of working with the large insurance company was evident from the start.

the Law Office of Justin Frankel will work hard for you as they did for me, I’m confident. My benefits were approved without delay, and I believe that was possible because of Mr. Frankel’s years of experience and knowing what to expect at every stage of the process.I also recently settled one of my LTD policies for a lump sum payment. Mr. Frankel has extensive experience in this area also, working with the right people at the insurance carrier to ensure I had all the facts during the negotiations process.”


“I would like to thank Justin Frankel at the Law Office of Justin Frankel for his invaluable assistance in guiding us through the disability maze with the insurance company. He was always honest and forthright with his assessments and gave myself and my wife thoughtful advice. He routinely got back to us with answers to questions quickly. I do not believe we could have been able to make a successful claim without his assistance.”


“I am writing to thank the Law Office of Justin Frankel for representing me and convincing my disability insurance carrier to restore my disability benefits. When I became disabled, I filed a claim. The insurance company paid benefits for a brief period, based on my physician’s reports. After a few months, they required me to be examined by one of their IME’s (Independent Medical Examiners). I don’t believe their IME was so independent, as his report contradicted those of all of my previous physicians. I didn’t stop being disabled, but they stopped paying me my benefits.

Justin Frankel of the Law Office of Justin Frankel was able to get my benefits restored without having to resort to costly and time-consuming litigation. If you have to file a disability claim, you should know that your insurance company will stop being your “friend” and will do all they can to deny you benefits. You need someone on your side. I would strongly recommend that you hire the Law Office of Justin Frankel before you file your claim and let them protect your interests.”



“Several years ago, I was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme disease, which had damaged my nervous system and made it impossible for me to continue to work. Justin Frankel helped me navigate the maze of short-term disability and long-term disability claims. We were dealing with multiple policies, including an ERISA type with my employer and one individual non ERISA policy. The ERISA company had objected to giving me the full monthly amount, saying I did not follow certain procedures. Justin was able to resolve this to my benefit.

Justin and his partner have an established track record of dealing with some of the major insurance companies. It is not easy to have a chronic illness. Worrying about insurance companies is something you don’t need to have on your plate as well. The insurance companies have lawyers representing them, and you should too. I believe if you call the Law Office of Justin Frankel, you won’t be disappointed.”



“For the last seven years, I have relied on Justin Frankel, first to get my disability claim paid and then to ensure that it continues to be paid. I am a Harvard educated resident of Maryland, and before I became ill, I was the director of the North American territory with a Fortune 500 company, reporting to the America’s President that reported to the European Board of Directors, working many 90 hour work weeks, evenings and weekends. When I wasn’t logging countless hours online or on the phone, I was travelling. It was a wonderful and demanding job, one that I would have gladly remained at had I not become disabled.

When I filed a disability insurance claim, I would never have imagined that I would run into a problem. Certainly my success in the corporate arena meant that I could fill out a few forms. But I had not counted on the insurance company not wanting to pay the benefits that were in my contract. I ran into too many delays, and the severe pain that caused the disability, along with the medications I must take in order to manage the pain, made it impossible for me to effectively fight back on my own behalf.

Justin and the entire team at the Law Office of Justin Frankel took control of my claim and brought things to a successful resolution. I could not have managed without their representation, and for that I am deeply appreciative. Justin and his team’s experience was above and beyond what I could have asked for. He was knowledgeable in all aspects of the process and genuinely cared for me as a person. I could not endorse a higher recommendation for this team. When I had an urgent need arise, someone was there to help me. If you need superior support in all aspects, this is the right team to contact.”


“I never thought I would have to stop working as a result of a disability. It did happen, however, and I knew that the last thing I needed was to deal with the disability insurer. I decided it was in my best interests to retain counsel at the outset of the claim.After speaking with attorneys from multiple law firms, I chose the Law Office of Justin Frankel. They guided the completion of the lengthy application forms and the doctors’ preparation of medical reports, filed the necessary forms and, importantly, followed up with the insurer. Moreover, the “logistics” of working with the firm were facilitated by their willingness to use email and to make themselves available for phone consultation.

Not only did the Law Office of Justin Frankel represented my interests successfully, their attorneys care about their clients. the Law Office of Justin Frankel is a firm I can recommend unreservedly.”

Business Owner – from AVVO.com

“By way of perspective, I have worked very closely with at least 20 lawyers – some retained personally, others related to my business needs. A few of the lawyers were generalists and some had practice areas that were more narrowly defined. In the case of Mr. Frankel I sought an attorney who focused on private disability rights and benefits as I had quite unexpectedly become disabled. Further, it was clear to me that “going it alone” with the insurance carrier was not prudent with substantial money at state.

I spoke to three lawyers who claimed to specialize in this practice area and Mr. Frankel was the only one of the three to convince me. As it turns out, he went way beyond my expectations. As a client I was treated as an individual, paperwork was completed successfully, and he continues to represent me — all dealing, for example, are through Mr. Frankel. He is an excellent communicator whether in person, by phone or by email. Similarly, the office staff is pleasant and efficient.

It is worth noting that, on at least one occasion, the insurance company attempted to find a way to reduce their obligation to pay. Mr. Frankel was on top of this and was able to get the carrier to decide in my favor.I would recommend, without reservation, Mr. Frankel to anyone needing legal advise and assistance related to private disability insurance benefits.”


“Mr Frankel helped me navigate a challenging professional disability claim. The most significant challenge is that insurance companies enjoy collecting premiums, but find every loophole to avoid a legitimate claim. They are armed with a team of attorneys that are difficult for the average person to litigate or even negotiate with. As a health care provider I had the good fortune to hire Mr Frankel to begin the claims process.His knowledge of the process in the health care industry is exceptional. With preplanning he was able to navigate a process that has every opportunity for denial.

Most importantly he clearly explains the facts and does not talk in legalese so that you can understand the process.

His thoroughness in preparation helps the process be more of a good chess game than a potential nightmare. It was clear that I was dealing with an expert on the matter that was most concerned about the process and not generating a fee. It was a challenging case due to the many details and substantial disability payments the insurance company was responsible for. He was able to get payments started within the month and have payments continue through the challenge process.

The integrity and thoroughness of Mr. Frankel made the process more successful and with resulting minimal stress knowing that I hired the right person to challenge the proverbial insurance giant. In my almost 20 year health care career I have had the opportunity to work with and establish relationships with many attorneys. I can confidently say he is one of the best at his craft with exceptional integrity.”


“I was destroyed by multiple medical problems and had no idea where to turn. I came across Justin Frankel and his partner by internet and by local referral. I was immediately pleased with his caring phone calls, emails, and informative instructions on the nature of the laws of disability and in the proper ways for me to work with my insurance company. Basically I was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of paperwork and detailed and difficult questions and I needed a go between being severely ill and trying to deal with the quagmire of strangely worded questions, and forms. Mr. Frankel and his staff have been consistently open, honest, helpful, and took charge in being my advocate.

This process was unbelievably long, complicated, and even with a successful appeal this did not stop the onslaught of forms, refusals, delays, and demands from the insurance company. Mr. Frankel and his staff were absolutely friendly, able, reduced my fears and stress, and took charge in fighting for me. I could not have possibly done this on my own. My case is straight forward and clearly with multiple medical problems clearly and easily documented in the records and by my own physicians. However repeated delays, and denials were extremely frustrating.

I am so amazingly glad I have chosen to work with this firm. I am so pleased to recommend Mr. Frankel and his wonderful staff. Thank you so very much.”


“Having to file a permanent disability claim with an insurer is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, usually happening unexpectedly. Having read his credentials and involvement in the education of others in the business, I was not at all disappointed in the representation Justin Frankel offered in resolving my claim. His advice and counsel to me was professional and appropriately advised. With my claim and, I am sure many others, there were factors which, although true and accurate, could have provided pitfalls for the insurer to exploit in honoring their contract.

Justin was able to deal effectively and quickly with each one, leading to a fully successful conclusion on my behalf. One other note about Justin’s representation: he did not run up his fees with unnecessary minutia. This was an extremely appreciated quality at a time when a claimant may have financial concerns about the future, and waiting periods to collect any awards that are due. I would highly recommend Justin Frankel for a time when you need someone with his skills and advocacy.”

Engineer, New York State

“I was a new resident of NY State and suddenly found myself dealing with a debilitating illness and eventual career derailment. I wasn’t getting anywhere with my employer’s Short-term and Long-term disability claim process and had no source of income to maintain my livelihood and was in danger our losing our dream home.My health condition was very poor and found it extremely difficult to keep up with Dr.’s diagnostics, office notes, lab results and the subsequent barrage of insurance claims forms and bureaucracy. I realized that I needed an experienced attorney to deal with my type of illness (Chronic EBV), and could manage to a successful disability claim.

When I researched the Law Office of Justin Frankel’s website, I was impressed by their clients’ testimonials. It was like reading my own story. Also, I learned of Mr. Frankel’s Ethics award voted on by his peers and felt reassured that I was dealing with a top professional in the legal field. I was able to work out a contingency agreement for F &N to map out a process and execute a successful short-term and long-term disability claim with my former employer and their insurance carrier. Having them on my side made all the difference in the world and they were always available and responsive to my questions and concerns as we went through the claims process.

I would most definitely recommended Mr. Frankel and his organization. They are true professionals and I gladly give them my strongest endorsement for people who find themselves in a health crisis that totally turns their world upside down. They can get you right-side up.”

Ph.D., California

“I spent many frustrating months corresponding with my insurance company after becoming disabled following a motor vehicle accident. They not only flooded me with mountains of complicated papers but when they finally agreed to pay, they offered me only one tenth of the amount of monthly benefit for which I was entitled.In desperation, I interviewed several attorneys in California, where I live, but I did not seem to be able to find an attorney who could really help me.

It was only after talking to Mr. Justin Frankel that my situation finally turned around and the change was indeed impressive and swift. Within two weeks after Justin took over the management of my claim, my insurance began paying me not only the full monthly benefits on a regular basis but they sent me a full year of retroactive payments as well. A cost of living increase followed shortly thereafter as well as a refund for all yearly premiums.When the insurance company attempted to alter the agreement a year later, Mr. Frankel intervened on my behalf and they stopped harassing me ever since that time.

Justin Frankel has not only been most instrumental in getting me the full disability benefits, but he has been very professional and helpful throughout the last three years. He has always been very thoughtful and prompt in all his responses as well as extremely fair and understanding with his billings.

In sum, I feel extremely blessed to have met Mr. Frankel and I would recommend him whole heartedly not only to my family and friends buy to anyone who is struggling to receive their disability benefits.”

Justin C Frankel

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