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The Law Office of Justin Frankel has protected many claimants who have had their disability claims denied and terminated by The Standard Insurance Company. Our clients include people who receive their Standard Disability Insurance through the company’s employee-sponsored short- and long-term disability benefits as well as individuals who purchase private disability policies offered by Standard.

The Standard provides ERISA group disability insurance to a lot of large law firms, and we have represented many lawyers with ERISA-based disability insurance claims and appeals. They also insure numerous physicians with high-value claims.

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Sorry, we do not handle SSDI/Social Security claims.

The Standard Insurance Company promotes the sale of individual disability policies as a way to raise coverage amounts to higher levels, and they have specific insurance products that cover bonuses, distributions and other incentive income. This sounds great to people who are accustomed to earning these additional income sources, but are problematic when a claim is denied.

If you are having a problem with your Standard short-term or long-term disability claim, call the Law Office of Justin Frankel at 888-583-4959 to find out how we can help.

How The Standard Denies Disability Claims

The Standard Insurance Company is well known for taking a firm position on claims. We help our clients fight back against this global insurance company that counts revenues in the thousands of billions. The Standard has no lack of resources to delay, deny, and terminate disability claims. You may start out talking with a disability claims examiner, then an in-house reviewing doctor will look at your medical records in great detail. There’s also a team of in-house vocational rehabilitation consultants and outside counsel. For an individual who is vulnerable because of an illness or an injury, that’s a big team to do battle with.

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The Standard Insurance Company began as Oregon Life Insurance Company, a Portland-based insurance company in 1906 that sold its first group disability insurance policy in 1957. In 2016, the company merged with a Japanese insurance company. Revenues and profits are measured in the billions.

Be aware that The Standard often partners with Minnesota Mutual Life Insurance Company for disability insurance policies. Both companies handle individual and employment-based disability claims. This can be confusing, when you know you have a disability policy with The Standard, yet you receive correspondence from Minnesota Mutual Life Insurance Company. The Standard has also administered claims for Northwestern Mutual claims as well.

If you receive a claim denial from The Standard for a policy that you own through your employer, there are strict time limits for you to appeal the claim. If you dismiss the letter because it has the Minnesota Mutual logo on it, you could lose your right to appeal the claim—permanently.

We are familiar with Standard’s use of a small group of doctors who cherry pick medical records, selecting only the portions that would support a claim denial. We know these doctors, and we keep a close eye on who is conducting the medical review for our clients. This valuable insight helps our clients when we need to attack the basis of a claim decision.

Standard Insurance Company Success Stories

The Law Office of Justin Frankel has helped many claimants fight back against The Standard’s disability insurance team and win.

In a recent case, we helped achieve the reversal of a claim denial and overturned a termination of claim demand. An aggressive approach to an appeal led to a successful reversal of a Standard Insurance claim denial and paved the way for a second reversal when the disability insurance company sought to terminate the claim, attempting to use a mental/nervous condition that was completely inapplicable.

Read the complete story here.

Another recent success was for a neurosurgeon who had two policies with The Standard, one privately purchased and a group disability, was denied on both policies. She was suffering from the residual side effects of chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer and could no longer perform the physically challenging and technically complex tasks of her profession. Her claims were approved at first, but several months later, the demands for further documents began and her claims were terminated. We prepared an aggressive appeal on her behalf and were successful in having The Standard overturn its decision on both claims.

An aggressive approach to an appeal led to a successful reversal of a Standard Insurance claim denial and paved the way for a second reversal when the disability insurance company sought to terminate the claim, attempting to use a mental/nervous condition that was completely inapplicable.

Can You File an Appeal on Your Own Against The Standard Insurance Company?

The short answer is no.

This is frustrating for people who are accustomed to taking matters into their own hands. Unfortunately, your disability insurance policy is a complex, technical legal document that contains enough pitfalls to protect the insurance company and very few to protect you, the policyowner. We have worked with many lawyers and insurance professionals who were convinced that they would be able to handle their own claim and the appeal that followed their claim denial.

They come to us when their first go-round fails. Sometimes we are called in to help when an appeal has been denied and we fight to overturn it. The best possible outcome is when we can help you in the start of the process, but we can help at every stage. We also work with claimants when the only option left is to go to court and litigate a claim.

Our Disability Attorneys Are Experienced with The Standard’s Denials – Call Today To Learn How we Can Help You

We encourage claimants to call us before they have filed a disability claim. This way our firm can:

  • Make sure your medical reports include the necessary information to support your claim
  • Review your disability insurance policy to determine what your benefits should be
  • Head off any issues before they become ammunition for a denial.

When we are called in to help with an appeal, we can help so that your appeal:

  • Is properly prepared just in case you have to go to trial
  • Goes out in a timely manner so you don’t lose the chance to keep fighting
  • Includes all of your medical reports from treating physicians and other caregivers

The Law Office of Justin Frankel has represented many clients in actions against The Standard long-term disability insurance, and we work with many Standard disability policyholders who have had their claims denied, delayed, and terminated. If you need help with a Standard long-term disability claim, call our office at 888-583-4959 for a free consultation.

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