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Residents of Massachusetts who are faced with denials, delays or outright terminations of their disability insurance benefits turn to the Law Office of Justin Frankel for help. The firm, founded by Justin Frankel, focuses on helping individuals with disability insurance problems at all stages of the claim and has represented many from Massachusetts. One of the testimonials on the law firm’s website is from an obstetrician/gynecologist whose illness made it impossible for him to practice medicine. Justin Frankel is described as “a skillful navigator through the quagmire of obtaining disability insurance payments.” Our Massachusetts client is one of many who have been helped by the firm.

Massachusetts Disability and Outside Medical Examiners

There are numerous companies that serve as outside consultants to disability insurance companies. Some hire physicians to conduct Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs), others hire nurses and other clinical workers to review medical records for claimants. There are many large consulting companies whose entire business function is reviewing medical records and others who process claims for disability insurance company. Sometimes the network of entities becomes quite confusing.

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An experienced disability insurance attorney is familiar with the different companies and their functions, so the appearance of these unexpected companies in your mail box should not be of great concern, as long as you are being represented by an attorney with knowledge and experience in this practice area. Many posts on the Law Office of Justin Frankel’s blog reference cases where the third-party consultants who deny benefits do so after receiving and reviewing incomplete medical records. We would like to think that this is the result of sloppy clerical work at the insurance company and not of deliberate intent, but after years of seeing deserving individuals going through the resulting strains and stresses as a result, we have to consider that this may be a deliberate tactic used by the insurance companies. It is unfair and, in some instances, borders on bad faith. There are too many of these companies to list, but a few are Helmsman Management Services and Disability Management Services, both located in Massachusetts, Custom Disability Solutions (owned by Reliance Standard Life Insurance), Disability Insurance Specialists, (located in Connecticut), Professional Disability Associates (Maine) and MLS Group (focus on IMEs and located in Michigan). There are many others, far too many to list here. If you have filed a disability claim with your insurance company and receive correspondence from a company that you do not recognize, chances are good your file has been transferred to a third party administrator (TPA) company that is hired by the insurance company to manage your claim. Treat any correspondence or telephone calls from this other company with the same caution and preparedness that you do for the disability insurance company. While the callers may sound warm and friendly, their company is hired by and paid by the insurance company, usually with one goal in mind – to “manage” their risk. “Manage” is a polite and professional way of saying controlling costs. At the Law Office of Justin Frankel, we know that our clients are not costs to be controlled. They are people who have paid for an insurance product that they hoped would never be needed, and they deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.

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