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What Can You Do When Ameritas Denies Your Claim?

If your disability insurance claim has been denied by Ameritas, you need to know why.

  • The denial may have nothing specific to do with your claim. Instead, it may be a means of cost containment for the insurance company.
  • If your policy is an employee benefits group policy, known as an ERISA LTD policy, you have a limited period of time to start an appeal.
  • ERISA Disability appeals are complex matters best handled by an experienced disability insurance attorney.
  • Any information you provide Ameritas when first applying for benefits, responding to requests for additional information, or in response to a claim denial is considered part of your file and will be treated as evidence in a court case. Many times, they seek to pursue a claim for rescission, based upon an alleged misrepresentation or omission in the application for coverage, despite it being 20 years old, and not an issue relevant to the impairment.
  • Ameritas website forms are, like all insurance company websites, spring-loaded with forced-choice answers and other means of controlling the information you provide to the company.
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The biggest mistake disability insurance policy owners make is thinking they can treat a disability insurance claim like any other insurance claim. For doctors and dentists, and other professionals, many of whom own Ameritas disability policies, it does not seem as if there should be a difference. Their offices handle health insurance claims all the time. But this type of claim is nothing like a health insurance claim. Because it is a recurring claim, it is more challenging to secure an approval.

The Law Office Of Justin Frankel, PC can help.

We have represented many people who filed a claim with Ameritas, been denied, and tried to file an appeal on their own. Disability appeals are complex, and an experienced disability attorney is needed. Contact us at 888-583-4959 for a free consultation about your Ameritas disability claim.

Why Would Ameritas Deny My Long-Term Disability Claim?

Ameritas is a national insurance company selling disability insurance to private individuals and group disability policies to companies. Founded in Nebraska in the late 1880s, the company operates as Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. of New York. In 2006, they merged with Union Central Mutual Holding company, taking on Union Central policies.

In addition to long-term disability insurance, they also sell life and health insurance, annuities, and pension contracts in all 50 states and Washington D.C. In New York State, Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. of New York is a domiciled life insurance subsidiary. They also sell dental and vision plans.

Ameritas denies disability claims to protect the company’s bottom line. The company closed in 2019 with $2.5 billion in total revenue, a 5% increase from 2018. It may not be as massive as Unum or New York Life, but the company is large, with resources to shut down a claim as easily as you close a document on a computer.

There are strict time limits to appealing a denial. Many professionals purchase individual or private insurance policies from an insurance broker, so the first person they call when preparing to make a claim is their insurance broker. The broker represents the claimant and the insurance company, so they have to walk a fine line between making sure their client gets benefits, which they are powerless to do, and being paid commissions by Ameritas. The broker may be your best friend, but the chance of them getting your benefits paid is slim to none.

An experienced disability lawyer knows how the disability claims process works, from preparing a claim to be filed successfully to fighting back after a claim is denied. They also know that if the appeal is not filed within the time frame specified in your policy, you could lose the ability to get your benefits paid permanently.

How Can You Protect Your Ameritas Disability Claim?

The most important thing to know is that you have rights as an Ameritas policy owner. If you are too ill or disabled to fight back, your best option is to call our office and learn how we can help. We will explain your rights and what steps are most appropriate for your unique situation.

Ameritas, like all other insurance companies, will wage a war of attrition with you. Disability insurance companies have long understaffed claims departments or call centers as part of an on-going means of keeping claimants from resolving problems in a timely manner. No one will have received your documents, or you’ll have to tell a different person every time the series of events that led to your disability. The frustration a healthy, well person might feel is magnified by your being ill, and the companies are fully aware of this, whether it’s admitted or not.

This is a battle you don’t want to take on by yourself, and you don’t have to.

Call our office today at 888-583-4959. We offer a free consultation and will discuss your personal situation and what options you may have to resolve your claim.

The call is free, the consultation is free, and the information will help you protect yourself and your family.

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