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Multiple Chemical Sensitivity & Chemical Imbalance
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Multiple Chemical Sensitivity & Chemical Imbalance Disability Insurance Claim

We live in a world of chemicals, and for many individuals, exposure to even small amounts can become a debilitating problem. There are several names for this: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, MCS, Chemical Imbalance, Environmental Illness or “Idiopathic Environmental Intolerance” or IEI.

Symptoms range widely from person to person, but most often include headaches, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, congestion, sore throat, chest pain, breathing problems, muscle stiffness, diarrhea, skin rashes, trouble concentrating, memory impairments and mood changes.

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The toxins that set off these symptoms also vary from person to person, and they can include everything from secondhand tobacco smoke, perfume, diesel or automobile exhaust, perfume, insecticides, chlorine and other chemicals that are found in the home and the workplace. When someone has an extreme case of MCS, they face problems not just with the illness, but with the disability insurance company. There is no consensus among the medical community that MCS is a condition, with some suggesting that is heightened allergies, or a reflection of depression or anxiety. That gives the disability insurance company all the room they need to deny claims.

The Law Office of Justin Frankel has represented many individuals suffering from MCS, so we are well aware of how the insurance companies seek to deny multiple chemical sensitivity claims. Through our experience with MCS claimants, we know that one of the most important tasks we face is gathering as much clinical and objective information on your behalf. If you are suffering from MCS or IEI, call our office at 888-583-4959 to speak with us about your disability and about your disability insurance company. The call is free, and you will learn important information about your claim. Remember that if your claim has already been denied, you have a limited amount of time in which to appeal your claim. Make the call today.

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