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Agoraphobia Disability Claim

Agoraphobia is a fear of being in situations where escape may not be possible and there may not be any chance of help if something should go wrong. It is a mental nervous condition and cannot be countered by rational thought. It is not just fear of open spaces, but is a complex condition and may stop people from doing many normal activities:

  • Going to an airport
  • Shopping in a mall or other large retail space
  • Attending movies, concerts, or other public events
  • Leaving the home
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If you suffer from agoraphobia, just leaving the house to go to an office is extremely difficult. It is often diagnosed after a series of panic attacks and moments of irrational and intense fear. It can be brought about by traumatic, unresolved experiences or genetic factors. Generally speaking, people with agoraphobia experience so much distress in social settings, at work, or at school that they begin to avoid leaving the house at all. Learn more about agoraphobia here. Agoraphobia can devastate your ability to maintain any kind of employment.

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