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Law Office of Justin C. Frankel Overturns New York LTD Benefits Denial

Justin Frankel
June 19, 2024 | Case Results
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Law Office of Justin C. Frankel, P.C. Triumphs in Overturning New York Life Long Term Disability Benefits Denial

In a compelling victory for justice, the Law Office of Justin C. Frankel, P.C., recently achieved a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to fighting insurance companies.

We successfully represented our 61-year-old client, a former Advertising Sales Director for a large publishing company, who went out on disability after sustaining multiple traumatic brain injuries, leading to post concussive syndrome, and an array of physical and cognitive symptoms.

Our client, had been found disabled by New York Life for five years due to the debilitating effects of her brain injuries. Despite her clear medical history and the unanimous agreement of her healthcare providers, New York Life unjustly terminated her disability claim. The insurance company callously asserted that she could return to her fast-paced occupation, disregarding the severity of her condition and the profound impact it had on her ability to function.

Undeterred by the unjust decision, our firm rallied to her side, determined to prove the insurance company wrong. We collaborated closely with her neurologist to compile a comprehensive body of evidence that unequivocally demonstrated the extent of her impairment and the impossibility of her returning to work in her former capacity. Additionally, our client underwent rigorous neuropsychological testing, which yielded compelling results: a stark decline in cognitive functioning that further underscored the severity of her condition.

Armed with this robust evidence and fortified by Attorney Justin Frankel’s unwavering dedication to our client’s cause, we filed a strategic appeal against New York Life’s decision. With meticulous attention the medical evidence and a steadfast commitment to advocating for our client’s rights, we crafted a compelling case that left no room for doubt about the injustice of the insurance company’s actions.

After fighting tirelessly against the wrongful termination of her long-term disability benefits by New York Life, our client emerged triumphant, with her benefits reinstated. Shortly after submitting our appeal, New York Life reversed its decision and reinstated our client’s long-term disability benefits.

Justin C Frankel

Written By Justin Frankel

Disability Insurance Lawyer

Justin C. Frankel is committed to fighting for the rights of clients when their long term disability insurance claims have been denied, delayed or terminated.

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